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Minselkhozprod: Belarus intends minimizing antibiotics usage in veterinary

Belarus intends bringing down to a minimum the usage of antibiotics in veterinary. It was reported by Minskslkhoznadzor on May 26, 2017. Belarus has a list of medical drugs which are prohibited for animal use and the sector is under special control as a whole.

As for the complaints of Rosselkhoznadzor against the detection of antibiotics in powder milk, the relevant agency in Belarus said that standards for this product are not indicated anywhere. These are the rules which are followed by Russian sanitary agencies only and they align with the standards for unpasteurized milk. However, in most of the stated cases Belarusian powder milk was within the standards of security.

Alexander Subbotin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus - Director of the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision:
As rule ill animals are isolated, we are striving for it and we control it as well. And when the animal is injected is kept and milked separately. Under no conditions this milk will be transferred to a dairy factory, it won’t be used for making food products. What is more, a largescale program on reducing the usage of antibiotics in veterinary exists in the world today. And Belarus is implementing this program.

Information on strengthening of control over raw materials is being prepared for Rosselkhoznadzor in Minsk at the moment. A decision on lifting the ban on the export of the leftover plants may be made in the period of ten days.

Minselkhozprod: Belarus intends minimizing antibiotics usage in veterinary