Alexander Lukashenko: Centralized Testing does not allow seeing person behind numbers

Alexander Lukashenko: Centralized Testing does not allow seeing person behind numbers

Tasks for centralized testing in Belarus in 2017 will fully correspond to the school curriculum, said Alexander Lukashenko on May 26 visiting one of Minsk's schools.

Taking part in the meeting on education matters in School No.61 were 300 people. Schoolchildren asked the head of state the questions they wanted to ask.

The President urged the Belarusian youth to make their plans and hopes come true in their homeland. For this purpose, all conditions are created in Belarus, moreover, the education system is constantly being improved.

26 мая на базе 61-й столичной школы Президент пообщался с представителями учащейся молодежи из всех регионов Беларуси

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I am sure that you all have entrance exams to universities, and we are working on this today, on testing, to bring it closer to the school curriculum. Already this year the new minister, whom I recently appointed, promised me that all the tests will fully reflect school curriculum. We made mistakes when we invited academicians and other 'geeks' to compile tests. I mean they are really great people but they made those tests for the cleverest people like them. And that's what we got. It turned out that our teachers (your teachers), especially the best ones, became tutors in the summer. And you started to cram instead of learning. That should not be the case. Tests are being improved. This year they will absolutely correspond to the school curriculum. Maybe, to some extent, we will give up tests to some professions that require creativity (artists, actors, artists, musicians, etc.). This is because the teacher does not see the person behind numbers in all these tests. This is bad. We must, in addition to testing, see the applicant himself.

On May 26, the Minister of Education reported to the President that by September 1 the curricula in schools will be updated. Textbooks will be developed accordingly. One of them was demonstrated to Alexander Lukashenko. In addition, he was shown a modern technology of "animated pictures". Having an app installed on a smartphone a person can see videos inside a textbook. 

The head of state stressed the need to correct not only textbooks but also their appearance.

Igor Karpenko, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
We won't be able to introduce all textbooks by the beginning of school year. We previously reported that this process goes until 2020. Let us analyze the contents of all textbooks and clearly define what to take from old textbooks and what should be omitted in accordance with the new curricula. We will then retrain teachers.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
It is necessary to choose where changes are vital and replace textbooks in those areas first. Then, after a while, replace other textbooks and give recommendations. You know that I see it all not only as the President. I face it every day, which is why I am concerned about this that much.

Igor Karpenko:
Mr Lukashenko, we know that you have a teacher diploma, that you know teaching methods.

Alexander Lukashenko:
And I read all your textbooks, even mathematics.

One of the most debated issues in recent years - the beginning of school day - has also been touched. The President thinks that one should first of all be guided by the interests of children, their health and ability to learn the material. If the child does not get enough sleep, it affects negatively his health and effectiveness of education.