Alexander Lukashenko on IIHF WM 2021


Alexander Lukashenko on IIHF WM 2021

Despite the inexpressive game of the Belarus national team in Paris, after all, the Belarusian hockey has a victory. Together with Riga Minsk will host in four years the 2021 World Hockey Championship.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
It was the Belarusian people and Minsk who brought this World Championship here. If it were not for 2014 we would not show that we can hold the world championships better than any country, which I once promised to Mr René Fasel. I can open one secret for you. On the eve of voting, two weeks prior to it, those who personify this championship offered me to give up the struggle and give the victory to Finland. I categorically rejected this idea. If we agreed with the Latvians, so we must fight. And I must say that this is the greatest merit of the Latvians too. It is they who offered me to directly join the fight for this World Championship. Latvians.

Meeting with Mr Fasel I told him about it. He noted back then: 'This is a good idea. You can compete with the Finns.' Therefore, think about what gift you give to the Belarusian people in 2021.

The head of state and the National Olympic Committee has repeatedly criticized the state of affairs in Belarusian ice hockey. In May 2017 alone, the President returned to this topic twice.