Belarus chooses the most beautiful girl at Queen Spring

Belarus chooses the most beautiful girl at Queen Spring

Snezhana Mikheitseva, a student at the Vitebsk State Technological University, has won the title Queen Spring 2017. A few hours before the announcement of the results, the beauty told the CTV channel that she got a lot of emotions during the preparation. She loves walking on heels and dancing.

Snezana also loves sport and does not hide it on her social networks.

Snezhana is a supporter of proper nutrition, but sometimes can sometimes afford a popcorn and some "insidious sweets."

She says she does not know how and does not like to cook, although her Instagram convinces us of the contrary: French cutlets from chicken fillet, fitness cookies and "the most delicious pancakes that you can eat and not gain weight."

The beauty loves to share recipes with her subscribers.

The Queen of Spring is in love with her boyfriend, by the way!

The First Vice Queen title went to Alena Enko, the student of the Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala. In third is Kristina Nikiforova, from the Polotsk State University.

Snezhana Mikheitseva and Alena Enko will represent Belarus in the final of the international inter-university competition "Queen of Spring 2017", which will be held in Russia in June.