Mobile photo exhibition of cosmonauts opens in Cherven

Mobile photo exhibition of cosmonauts opens in Cherven

A gallery of works devoted to the conquest of the universe opened at the homeland of the native of Belarus, cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky. Residents and guests of the town of Cherven have a month to see portraits and photographs of sculptures of famous cosmonauts.

After that the mobile exhibition will leave for Krupki district - the home of another Belarusian cosmonaut, Vladimir Kovalenok.

The idea of ​​such an exposition belongs to the sculptor Ivan Misko.

The essence of the project is that these works will visit the small towns where all the famous Belarusian space explorers were born.

Ivan Misko, People's Artist of Belarus:
We have Cosmonauts Street in Minsk. A large memorial plaque with portraits of cosmonauts Klimuk, Kovalenok and Oleg Novitsky will be installed on one of the buildings there.

The author of the exhibition - sculptor Ivan Misko - also hopes that Oleg Novitsky will be able to personally see the exposition. In early June, he will return to his homeland after a space trip to the ISS.