Belshina ready to make tires for largest quarry dumpers on the planet

Belshina ready to make tires for largest quarry dumpers on the planet

The largest Belarusian radial tire, with a diameter of three and a half meters, was presented at Bobruisk’s Belshina. This is a large-sized product for quarry dump trucks with a load capacity of up to 240 tons.

The release of the tire marks the completion of another stage of the enterprise's modernization.

3.5 meters in diameter and 3.5 tons of high-tech rubber. This is the largest tire ever produced in Belarus.

The Belarusian chemical industry faced the relevant task about four years ago.

The primary task was to produce a qualitatively new rubber.

Bobruisk rubber consists of up to 50 components, and its 'cooking' takes up to 6 days.

A tire has as many as 35 parts. Equipment from most advanced manufacturers was chosen.

Investments in new production facility amounted to $136 million.

The basic is a new production technology authored by Belarusians themselves.

Only a few states are capable of producing tires of this size. Now Belarus is among them. Of course, innovative goods imply appropriate dividends.

Alexei Yakovlev, General Director of OAO Belshina:
One such tire, which behind my back is 57 inches, is valued at about 20,000 dollars in the market.

An experimental batch of new tires will undergo industrial tests in a few days. These test are expected to take at least six months.

Meanwhile, the company continues to work on the tire for the world's largest truck BelAZ, with a payload of 450 tons. Its diameter is 5.5 meters.