Central districts of Minsk, St. Petersburg sign cooperation agreement.

Central districts of Minsk, St. Petersburg sign cooperation agreement.

Cultural exchange and dialogue on education and production sectors. Central districts of Minsk and St. Petersburg signed an agreement on cooperation.

Heads of district administrations signed the document. The main aim is development of new economy cooperation directions. The two sides agreed to meet regularly on all the levels, to hold joint sessions and business forums.

Igor Buzovsky, head of Minsk Tsentralny district Administration:
Our plants cooperated, cooperate and will cooperate. The task is to stimulate this development. And to facilitate further development on local authority level.

Andrei Khultkov, head of St. Petersburg Tsentralny district Administration:
Minsk and St. Petersburg are not only cities of developed culture and rich history, but these cities are serious scientific, industrial and technological centers. I suppose that there will be common touch points.

St. Petersburg is one of the most important trade and economic partners among Russian regions of Belarus today. The two sides intend to develop production cooperation. Projects on joint lift production have been realized, a cluster on producing LED has been created. Belarusian plants are prepared to build up supplies.

Belarusian utility machinery, passenger buses and electric transport have proved effective. The role of Belarusian building services on the St. Petersburg market may become more important in the long term.