Spokesman, coach and hotelier about 2021 World Ice Hockey Championship in Belarus


Spokesman, coach and hotelier about 2021 World Ice Hockey Championship in Belarus

The World Ice Hockey Championship returns to Minsk! Belarus and Latvia were given the right to cohost the competition in 2021. The 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship held in Minsk is considered one of the best in history. New sports battles are planned to be held from 7 to 23 May 2021.

Belarus and Latvia against Finland. Minsk and Riga against Tempere and Helsinki. 55 versus 52.

The voting was held in two rounds in Cologne. And the decision was made. Belarus and Riga won one battle and together they will host the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship. What more, half final matches and medal matches will be held in Minsk at Minsk Arena.

Fans were waiting for the news. They hoped and believed in victory. However, besides subjective reasons, there are objective reasons why Belarus should host the championship. There are things to compare with. Belarusian fans also visited the championship in Paris.

Tatiana Blagoveshchenskaya:
In reality nothing can be compared with the World Ice Hockey Championship held in Minsk in 2014. It was a real celebration for Belarus.

Margarita Kushnir:
The championship in Paris was an ordinary event for them. Many tourists and ice hockey fans were in a radius of 100 meters from the arena, and that was it.

Fans say that the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship in Minsk was great great fun. Yuri is a spokesman; he works up the fan sector.

Yuri Tsiskevich:
This is Minsk Arena, one of the first matches, I think. This it’s the first home championship. I had to think what the crowd would be shouting. The most important cheerleading chant is “Be-la-rus”. So that it the rival feels all the 15,000 people present.

Yuri worked up the fans in 2014 as well.

Yuri Tsiskevich:
If Mink Arena supports, then it will be a real performance. Fans from Finland like to make performances, dress up as cows, and other costumes. We will thin about it, four years are ahead.

There is time to get ready and prove to Finland that it not by chance Belarus will be hosting the 2012 World Ice Hockey Championship. Specialists feel skeptical about the event, because it will be not an Olympic year and the best of the best will be competing. Mikhail Zakharov is sure, that the main platform of training is children’s and youth ice hockey.

Mikhail Zakharov, head coach of HC Yunost:
Youth ice hockey is for sport men aged from 18 to 20 years. It is necessary to win in matches with elite teams at this age. Then it will mean that we are doing the right thing. We’ll see how Belarus will perform in 20121.

Hoteliers were no less happy than fans were to find out that the 2021 World Ice Hockey Championship will be held in Minsk.

Margarita Denisova, founder of hotelier’s and restaurateur’s club:
When the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship was held the international community praised us a lot. It became clear that the Belarus has the market, it is developing, and the world community recognizes Belarus. The upcoming Championship will be another snatch.

Belarusian hotels and restaurants are ready to host the Championship already. Belarus has the experience.

The square near the Sports Palace was one of the most favorite places of ice hockey fans in 2014. As many as 640,000 people visited fan zones then. The Championship in Minsk was the most attended in the history of world forums, it even beat the record of Prague in 2004.

It won’t be the first time when Latvia will be hosting the Championship as well. Belarus and Latvia promised to solve the issues concerning transport corridors and visas. No borders. By the way, the slogan of the Belarus-Latvia tournament is “Passion. No borders”. So it is high time to beat the record together.