Night of Museums becoming increasingly popular with Belarus' youth


Night of Museums becoming increasingly popular with Belarus' youth

The Night of Museums campaign was held in Belarus, with the National Art Museum's halls of Russian art plunging into darkness. To not only watch, but also see, visitors took lights with them. In general, more than 90 galleries and exhibitions joined the worldwide campaign "Night of Museums".

With the approach of the evening, pilots and tankmen, military correspondents and partisans revived in the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. The visitors were issued a pass to the "occupied territory" and the "wounded" were bandaged in a field hospital.

Dmitry Shlyakhtin, director of the Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War:
This is indeed one of those weapons samples that were purchased by the Russian Imperial Army abroad during the First World War.

Kamilla Shakh, CTV:
And we are now in an underground apartment. The newspaper Zvezda is printed here by hand. To do this, I take letters from the cash register, make up words from them and then use the printer.

The National Art Museum received more than 2,000 guests in a few hours.

Visitor of the museum:
The idea that the "Night of Museums" is very popular, especially among students. I am a student of the Belarusian State Economic University and I can say that many students expressed a desire to visit the "Night of Museums" at our faculty.

Literary quests and a multimedia photo studio is only a small part of the entertainments proposed. However, many iconic paintings were covered. The organizers explained this is done in order to shift the focus to less familiar but no less beautiful pictures. The most popular among the guests were the dark halls of Russian art.

Yulia Lisay, Senior Researcher of the Department of Russian Art of the National Art Museum:
It's been two hours since the "Night of the Museums" began, and I see people walking in the dark with flashlights and watching these things. It's amazing that people just started to look at the pictures.

The lord of lightning entertained children and adults at the National Library of Belarus.

Oleg Melnik, experimenter:
I've seen transformers of Tesla and admired them for a long time. I started with small ones and then made a big one. The most difficult of Tesla's transformers allows you to play a melody, as you have heard.

Kamilla Shakh:
Is it scary and dangerous?

Oleg Melnik:
It's potentially deadly.

The worldwide campaign "Night of Museums" initially had two tasks: to increase the image of museums in cities and to attract young people.

Judging by the popularity of the campaign growing from year to year, both goals have been achieved.