Vitebsk jeweler creates IS-2 tank from silver

Vitebsk jeweler creates IS-2 tank from silver

Before making an unusual masterpiece of jewelry, Andrei Zhiznevsky reviewed many archive photos. A curious and little-known fact: the best school of jewelers in Belarus was in Vitebsk before WWII.

Andrey Zhiznevsky, the jeweler:
Inattention, speed, excessive emotions in your head... All these factors affect your work. You just have to work and think about something good.

Two years ago, with good thoughts, he set to work. 785 days of painstaking work with silver of 785 standard. Details are thinner than human hair. And some are so small that you can see them only under a microscope.

Andrei Zhiznevsky has made a real breakthrough in Belarusian jewelry industry. IS-2 stands for Iosif Stalin-2, after the name of Soviet leader.

Anastasia But, CTV:
If the silver tank is increased by 72 times, we'll get the original IS-2. It weighs about 46 tons. The exhibit from the Gorodok town has become a prototype for the jewelry masterpiece.

He measured every detail with a special ruler. Gradually, meters turned into millimeters. Andrei spent days in libraries studying the history of the legendary tank. It is this machinery, the jeweler says, that predetermined the outcome of WWII.

Andrey Zhiznevsky:
I believe that this is a symbol of Victory. It was a decisive blow to [tanks] Cats, Tigers and Panthers.

Russians offered the master a lot of money for the silver tank weighing almost 208 grams. But Zhiznevsky refused. The grandson of veterans of WWII war and the son of the pilot thinks such machinery should remain in Belarus. And not in a private collection.

A miniature tank "IS-2" is the second military masterpiece of the master. Earlier he made an exact copy of the biplane "U-2". Now this is a kind of relic of the Zhiznevsky family.