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Belarus, Ecuador sign agreement on mutual higher education recognition

Belarusian university diplomas are now officially recognized in Ecuador. The two countries signed an agreement on mutual higher education recognition on May 22, 2017. This step is the realization of agreements made on the highest level before. It is expected that the new status of diplomas will attract students from Ecuador to Belarus.

Igor Karpenko, Education Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The number of students from Ecuador in Belarus is growing. Last year there were only 26 of them; today there are 49 students from Ecuador here. We understand that this step opens up new perspectives of cooperation. It is teacher exchange, cooperation within education.

Carlos Larrea Davila, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Ecuador to the Republic of Belarus:
Many Belarusians work in Ecuador in such spheres as geological exploration, petroleum development, oil production. Ecuador set a task for these specialists to confirm their higher education diplomas. This agreement will certainly open up new possibilities for the realization of Belarusian specialists in Ecuador.

Belarusian higher education diplomas are recognized in 18 countries and that is not including Ecuador. Among these countries are Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Turkmenistan. It is planned that such agreement will be signed with Turkey as well.

Belarus, Ecuador sign agreement on mutual higher education recognition