EU representative in Belarus on visa simplification regime


EU representative in Belarus on visa simplification regime

Belarus is aiming at mutually beneficial cooperation within the Eastern Partnership. This is program belongs to the EU with six member states, including Belarus.

The upcoming summit of the Partnership was discussed in Minsk today which will be held in Brussels in autumn, 2017.

International experts think that local and regional authorities must be more active in promoting economic cooperation. Special attention was paid to the issues of energy saving.

By the way, Belarus is on the same level as Canada and Finland are if speaking about saving energy.

Belarus initiated brining up that issue.

Alexander Popkov, co-chairman of the Bureau of the Conference of Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP):
The Eastern Partnership is interesting for Belarus. Having a certain development level Belarus can adapt to new technologies, innovative projects, which can be in demand in Belarus.

Markku Markkula, president of the European Committee of the Regions:
It is necessary to establish a serious platform, create conditions for cooperation development, and then EU investors will show their business interest.

Municipal elections were discussed as well.

It will be a good foundation for Belarus’ development.

Visa regime simplification between the EU and Belarus has been discussed for a long time now. It is planned that the issue will be discussed once again in Minsk soon.

Andrea Wictorin, head of the EU delegation in Belarus:
As for the visa regime, this process is taking place indeed.

It consists of 2 stages: simplification of visa formalities and visa recognition by the two sides.

Good work in this direction can be seen. The first round of talks is planned in Brussels, and the second one in Minsk. As for the Belarus-EU relations, progress can be seen. Relations are improved step by step.

The meeting was continued at the Council of the Republic of Belarus, where talks were held with Mikhail Myasnikovich, the Chairman of the Council.

Economic relations were on the agenda.