Alexander Lukashenko meets with head of Presidential Administration

Alexander Lukashenko meets with head of Presidential Administration

Prior to the optimization of the state apparatus, there must be no increase in salaries. Alexander Lukashenko said this on May 22 meeting with the head of the Presidential Administration Natalia Kochanova. Today, the Administration faces many tasks. The main ones are the improvement of the business climate. Steps in this area are significant: the legislative base is being improved, the number of inspections is reduced, and the procedure for registering business is being simplified. In addition, all significant decisions are made taking into account the opinion of the business community.

In addition, the sports matters were raised at the meeting. Just a few days ago it became known that Belarus and Latvia won the right to jointly host the IIHF World Championship in 2021. At the congress of the International Hockey Federation held in Cologne, Minsk and Riga beat Tampere and Helsinki.

As Alexander Lukashenko emphasized, the process of reformatting the Belarusian sports federation has to be completely finished by May 30. It concerns personnel issues in federations, state structures and the Ministry of Sport.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Prior to the optimization, there should not be no increase in the salary. We agreed on this. The second issue is de-bureaucratization. The corresponding decree should be controlled by the head of the Administration. We have business liberalization at the final stage. That is the business climate. Here when will the materials be prepared?
The fourth issue is the question of reformatting sport. Especially staffing issues. Moreover, not only federations, but also state structures. The Ministry of Sport and so on. When will we finish here? It is desirable that by May 30 we finish these processes, because an Olympic meeting has been scheduled for that day. There are a lot of materials to be prepared by the Head of Staff. Try to use it so that we can see what kind of staff work there and whether they are able to prepare this large-scale event. The analysis of processes going on in our sport should be profound, comprehensive, including by the President. I assign this question to you for control, because this is the main ideological issue. We never concealed this. The main ideology is sport, because millions watch sports competitions. Someone watches one sport and someone other sports. But this is influence on people. And if the team plays badly, such will be the mood of our people, if they play well, this encourages people.
And personnel issues. Recently, Semyon Shapiro has been elected head of the federation. He must start working from the first days. He will have to do much work. I asked to warn him that we would also assign him a significant state order. He needs to control a particular area. His experience must be used. If there are personnel questions regarding the appointment of a governor, these must also be resolved. This is a continuous process - staffing - and we should not stop here.

Natalia Kochanova, head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
The President's Administration is already working in a new format and new composition. These events were held on time, from May 1. Now the government has adopted all the legislative acts that are necessary for us to continue this work. Decisions were adopted, a timetable was approved according to which optimization will be carried out in other state structures.

During the working meeting, Alexander Lukashenko announced a series of major meetings with the participation of the head of state. They will help to dot the i's and cross the t's in many industries. First of all, we are talking about housing and communal services and construction. There are also a lot of questions in education today.