Makei: Belarus sincerely wants to prevent military resolution of conflicts


Makei: Belarus sincerely wants to prevent military resolution of conflicts

Official Minsk is aimed at strengthening cooperation with all partners, said Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei during the Minsk Dialogue conference.

The conference discussed the evolution of Belarusian foreign policy and brought together scientists, experts and diplomats. In a difficult geopolitical situation, sovereign Belarus has managed to prevent chaos and violence, save peace, security and stability in the state. In the international arena, this is noted as an indisputable achievement of Belarus.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
In any situation it is important to have a dialogue with each other, an open exchange of opinions. And set yourself the goal of resolving problems. Not to suppress, but resolve. We sincerely want to prevent the military resolution of some conflicts, we want conflicts to be resolved through diplomatic means, so that an important role is played by regional integration associations called upon to address these issues.

Over the 25 years, Minsk has established and restored diplomatic relations with states around the globe - a total of 174 countries. Moreover, the voice of Belarus sounds at many international events, where our country traditionally stands for the preservation of peace. Today, Belarus is doing everything possible to prevent the military resolution of conflicts. One of the confirmations is the "Minsk agreements" on Ukraine, which, perhaps, can be considered the main diplomatic victory for Belarus.