Street musicians in Minsk about their performances


Street musicians in Minsk about their performances

Street musicians in Minsk can be seen in the underground passage at the intersection of Lenin Street and Independence Avenue, pedestrian crossings to the metro stations Kamennaya Gorka, Uruchye, Malinovka, Petrovschina, Tractornyi Zavod, Pushkinskaya, Institut Kultury, Partizanskaya, Yakuba Kolasa and in the passage under Independence Avenue near the Church of Saints Semion and Helena. Still the main venue for musicians' performance is of course the Upper Town in the center of Minsk.

The ideological inspiration and coordinator of the project Peshekhodka (Pedestrian Street) is Vladislav Pinchuk. The guy is a musician and once performed street music. For about five years, he has been working on the idea of ​​making Minsk musical and more hospitable. Vlad is modest: he says he was lucky to meet the right people, but behind these words is huge work. The street music movement in Minsk began from the Upper Town.

Vladislav Pinchuk, coordinator of the project "Pedestrian":
We just gathered and played. I contacted musicians who were at Karl Marx, with theatrical bands. And it has grown into a big project. Street music, paving stones, beautiful weather. I get a lot of fun, because it's beautiful, nice, warm, and light.

Ludmila Urban, musician:
When I heard the hand pane sounds, I had a feeling that I heard something so native, as if the whole world began to understand me. First impression - it may seem that it is a piano. Sometimes, if you play in a special way, you can compare it to some kind of stringed instrument. It's worth halting and listening a couple of minutes, and I'm sure it will create a mood for the whole day. Maybe it will change your life as it once happened to me.

Spacedrum of musician Victor Dobriyan sounds near the Malinovka metro station. The guys perform not only in Minsk, but also in Korea, Russia, and Georgia.

Victor Dobryan, street musician:
When we play, sometimes old women stop and ask what it is. Children pass by with their parents and looking at us don't see their way and fall sometimes!

Nearby is another band - "Children of the Underground". Formed three years ago, the band once consisted of 11 people! The band plays mostly covers and appreciates street performances for absence of creative constraints.

Igor Dyatlov, Children of the Underground:
Dungeon is because we started playing in subway stations and on the streets of the city. What about children? Because we started as children.

The guys admit: they play in the streets to save Minsk pedestrians from sad thoughts.

Minsk resident:
Very often I listen to them and in fact it is incredible, because they really show people what true happiness is.

Victor was returning home after a difficult working day when he stopped and heard the performance of the band Oksana Paliy & Streetband.

Street music encourages, lifts the mood. It's great. They do not bother anyone.

This is a unique combination for Belarus. The band consists of a resident of Nigeria, a Siberian and a Belarusian. The soloist of the group thinks that to get acquainted with the right people, one should go out more. This is a kind of motto for the band, because it was this very principle that helped the musicians to become a band. The guys perform their own songs. The combination of cajón, guitar and voice and a powerful charge of spiritual energy make their performances unforgettable.

Eno, Oksana Paliy & Streetband:
No one pays attention to street music in Nigeria. If we perform on the street in Nigeria, people pass by. They do not care, they have music on the phone. It's not like that in Belarus.

The guys from Fisher Orchestra play not only well-known music, but also their own works. The main condition is that they themselves like what they do. The musicians do not take up classics, because they consider it a huge responsibility. They love street music for spontaneity, brightness and sincerity.

Dmitry Katechev, the band "Fisher Orchestra":
Recently, I was going to work. And a guy was playing the guitar there, which was just great. I liked it. And then I realized that during lunch I was singing this very song in my mind. I realized that this was the melody he had been playing. And I spent four hours before lunch in good mood. This, in fact, made my day.

Alexander Shelyagovich, the band "Fisher Orchestra":
When a person plays in the subway passage it all depends on how well he or she plays. If such a person loves people, he or she can get a response. If the music is unnatural or low quality, nothing will happen. Therefore, there is very strict selection going on here.

Nikita Kamenetsky, musician:
I performed in Vienna, in Austria, Italy, and Germany. I just want to say that Belarus is one of the most cultured countries, which admires music the most. I want such a stereotype to be formed in Belarus, that a musician is an honored profession. This is huge work, this is a full-fledged profession. I believe this is true.