MILEX -2017: Sri Lanka interested in Belarus’ military machinery

MILEX -2017: Sri Lanka interested in Belarus’ military machinery

Belarus’ Armed Forces fit the bill concerning modern challenge and threat counterefforts. It was stated by Belarus’ Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov. The strengthening of combating power is carried out in several directions.

It is buying new arms and military machinery, which correspond to world standards,

development and supplying the Armed Forces with Belarusian complexes and systems. For instance, the multiple rocket launchers “Polonez”, radar-location stations for the Air Forces and air defense teams, unmanned aviation complexes.

Rulan Kalatunga, Major General of Sri Lanka Armed Forces:
We are impresse with what we have seen here. We are impressed by the show, where Belarusian army men participated. As for the exhibits, there are Belarusian specimen Sri Lanka is interested in.

For instance, the Cayman armored vehicle.

Sri Lanka is looking into further cooperation.

As many as 50 official delegations from 30 countries are partaking in the exposition.

These countries are long standing partners of Belarus and they are planning to join the forum. Representatives of Germany, Slovakia and Poland are visiting the forum for the first time.