Why can’t nightingale warbles season be missed?

Why can’t nightingale warbles season be missed?

Why can’t nightingale warbles season be missed? Starling houses are made in spring. People wait for the starling to return from southern countries. When the birds settle down in their new houses, the mating season begins and they sing wonderful songs. However, it unlikely that they will beat the singing of nightingales. The season of nightingale warbles lasts for a few weeks and at the moment it is in full spate.

The warbles of nightingales today can be heard in Minsk’s parks, special excursions are organized.

Once a person hears how a nightingale sings, he will never mix it up with anything else. However, not every Minsk resident will do that. These people came here with families to listen to and see the bird which is famous for its spring warbling. The campaign’s coordinator is Karina Solovei. Her surname is translated as “nightingale”. It may be a coincidence but thanks to the work she does Karina lives with a song in her heart.

Karina Solovei, “Nightingale nights” campaign coordinator:
It is my real surname. My friends often make fun out of me that I found a job connected with y surname.

It is not easy to watch birds, not everyone can do it. Nightingales are not easy to see, they are a little big bigger than sparrows. And these birds don’t have bright feathering.

Slutsk nightingale is the symbol of the town. For local residents it is an alarm clock as well.

Tamara Kolyada, director of Slutsk ecobiotic center:
A nightingale grove is a conventional image. The nest itself, the territory where the birds feed is an underbush, because it gathers insects, ants, snails underneath rotten leaves. If a nightingale sings alone it means that his mate is nearby, she doesn’t sing, she does work. First the nest is built, and then nestlings are fed.

Yana Shipko, a special correspondent:
It takes a lot to get through to find the real habitat of nightingales, but it is worth it.

Nightingales sing from dawn to dusk, at night times their songs resemble romantic serenades, in the day time it is different.

Tamara Kolyada:
This territory belongs to him; he secures the place and tells the other birds that the territory is occupied. He will hunt on this territory.

Ornithologist Tamara Kolyada knows practically every nightingale family in the area. There are up to 500 of them there. Every year they fly to back from Africa to Belarus after the winter session.

Tamara Kolyada:
It is more than likely that these birds do not sing in Africa as they do in Belarus.

The sound of this pennywhistle is very much alike the singing of nightingales.

Fedor Dashkov, member of the Belarusian Union of Craftsmen:
Birds react and you understand that you are part of nature.

Not every craftsman is capable of making a clay nightingale. At times Fedor takes many attempts to make the pennywhistle sound like a real nightingale song.

Many people perceive a nightingale’s song as something traditional. It is astonishing but the famous Russian composer Alexander Alyabyev wrote his composition “Nightingale” for male basso. Who could possibly think that this composition will be performed in future by coloratura sopranos only?

Yelena Shvedova, honored artist of the Republic of Belarus:
I can’t say that it is difficult for me to perform this composition, it is my job. I like nature. It is May now and nightingales are singing. I listen to them singing and at times I try to copy them. However, it is unreal.

Nightingales are beyond competition when it comes to singing. One you have heard nighingales singing you won’t be able to mix it up with anything else.