Belarus-Serbia friendship policy: results of Tomislav Nikolic’s visit to Minsk


Belarus-Serbia friendship policy: results of Tomislav Nikolic’s visit to Minsk

Belarus may strengthen the air defense of Serbia. At the beginning of the year it was announced BY Serbia’s Defense Minister that an air defense missile system “Buk” and eight fighter aircrafts MiG-29 will be handed over to this country. However, the machinery will have to be modernized and mended. It is quite possible that Belarusian specialist will help.

President Tomislav Nikolic and President Lukashenko showed all the warmth of friendly relations of Belarus and Serbia during the official visit of the Serbian President to Minsk. The new President of Serbia has already been elected and soon Tomislav Nikolic will have to leave the post. His visit to Belarus can be interpreted as his final mission, because the first visit of President Nikolic was to Belarus.

President Nikolic is a dear guest; even the protocol was changed for him. Instead of a special hall of state awards the doors of the biggest hall in the Palace of Independence were opened for him. This is where Alexander Lukashenko took the oath. This is where sportsmen were seen of to Rio. And now President Lukashenko presented the highest award for foreigners to Tomislav Nikolic – the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

Alexander Lukashenko explained that the Award is deserved. Despite the political priorities of Serbia towards the West, it doesn’t interfere into the cooperation with Belarus. Belarus and Serbia actively support one another on the international arena.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Being Presidents we must cooperate. Whether we like one another or not, whether we like the state structure of certain country or not. We must accept the reality. If to look at it from the human side, Tomislac Nikolic’s approach towards Belarus has always been special. For this reason the presented Award is absolutely deserved. There are no conventions here. There is nothing here connected with being President, not without it as well. Because when you were elected the President of Serbia we did something we had to do a long time ago when previous leaders of Serbia were holding the post. No matter what the situation in Serbia and Belarus is, Belarusians and Serbians have always approached one another. Presidents did not always share the same thoughts. When you took up the post, Belarus-Serbia relations changed dramatically.

I met with the elected Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in Beijing. And I noticed that the foundation that has been made for the renewal of friendly relations between Belarus and Serbia are strengthening up. It is clear by the intentions of the newly elected President of Serbia. He is absolutely determined at relations like this as well by implementing the policy of Belarus-Serbia relations.

By the way, President Lukashenko is the holder of the Order of the Republic of Serbia. It is one of the most honorable awards of the Balkan state.

The economic cooperation of Belarus and Serbia grew with years as well. The trade grew by nearly five times since 2009 (up to 250 million dollars). The lighthouse of the investment policy of Serbia was the residential area in eastern Belgrade. Serbian businessmen want to invest nearly $3 billion to build an international financial center “Minsk-Mir” where Minsk-1 Airport is at the moment. The center will be much alike those in Singapore, Dubai, and London.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Of course, the commodity circulation of Belarus and Serbia is not that good; however, there wasn’t any trade before in the first place. It increased by dozens of times in the last years. Belarus and Serbia have no taboo subjects for discussions. You should know that Belarus has always had loving relations and respect towards Serbia and Belarus will keep to this policy in the future. I would ask you, Tomislav, not to get away far from our relations, to hold these relations in sight, to come to Belarus more often and give suggestions on Belarus Serbia relations, because we are friends, to say what is wrong and what should be paid attention. I suppose that Tomislav will be a fair goodwill ambassador of Belarus and Serbia, in the name of strengthening our friendship.

Strong locomotives in the development of Belarus0-Serbia relations are Belarusian buses and tractors on the Balkans. Fire engines will soon appear there.

Dragomir Karic, the honorary consul of Belarus in Belgrade:
Belarus managed to fully preserve its machinery manufacturing. Belarusian trolleybuses, buses, tractors. As many as three Belarusian electrobuses are on the roads of Belgrade already, and we intend to buy electrobuses from you. There are big cooperation possibilities.

Figures cannot reflect the warmth of the relations between President Lukashenko and Nikolic and the gratitude of Serbia to the Belarusian leader. President Lukashenko visited Serbia four times. His first time was when NATO was launching airstrikes there. Alexander Lukashenko went there to support fraternal people.

Tomislav Nikolic, President of the Republic of Serbia:
I will never forget it. Your gesture was the gesture of all the Belarusian people. When the former EU Commissioner Catherine Ashton asked me why I visit Belarus, I said that it would be better if she visited Belarus more often as well.

Belarus and Serbia are very similar countries for the number of citizens and the moral climate in the society. Belarus and the former Yugoslav Republic fought against Nazis during the Second World War. When Tomislav Nikolic was leaving Minsk he promised to return. Not as President but with the same intentions. To strengthen the friendship policy between Minsk and Belgrade.

Photo taken from the Official Internet Portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus