Caiman and Polonez: New image of Belarus' military industry

Caiman and Polonez: New image of Belarus' military industry

Belarus makes not only in dairy produce. Belarusian weapons are famous around the world, too. The international exhibition of weapons and military equipment MILEX 2017 opened on May 20 in Minsk. Our correspondent Yevgeny Pustovoi managed to get into the armored car "Volat" - this is a Belarusian development - and tried to figure out what advantages Belarusian military industry has.

The order of Commander-in-Chief, Alexander Lukashenko, to issue a light armored car was fulfilled. The 7-ton predator feels well in both Belarusian swamps and in African deserts. It is called Caiman.

Caiman's cruising speed is 100kph. Borisov engineers say the body of the armored personnel carrier has a soul of Hammer. The Belarusian "Caiman" has fuel consumption comparable to that of a standard SUV and its cabin is quite comfortable.

Sergei Gurulev, Chairman of the State Military and Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is alive, Belarus lives and develops, including in the defense industry.
We now cooperate with 52 countries. We work at the legislative level in the field of military-technical cooperation with 32 countries.

Back in the 1990s, the Belarus President was right aiming to preserve the intellectual school and technologies.

Belarusian military factories were very popular in the USSR and now CSTO member states are interested in cooperation with them.

Alexander Trandofilov, Deputy Director for Production of Repair Plant No.140:
We have orders for two years ahead. This is at least. Thanks to the quality of products, the customer comes to us.

Repair plant No.140 disassembles machinery getting up to 90,000 parts. Then, having passed through eight shops, machinery gets its second life.

Yevgeny Pustovoy, correspondent:
If we say that "Smerch" is the third generation, then the rocket complex "Polonez" is higher than the fifth generation. By the way, this machinery is superior to analogues in the world. What is really remarkable is that it is very simple to use. Designers of this machine promised to teach me to use "Polonez" in about an hour!

This modernized anti-aircraft missile system does not care about any stealth aircraft.

The anti-aircraft missiles Buk can detect those invisible planes long before their approach the country's borders.

This is another radio location system to control the border.

Stanislav Rudikov, Head of Embedded Systems Development Department:
The radar gives out information that there is an intruder somewhere. The optical module turns in this direction, and the fighter who is on duty can say for sure whether it's an animal or a smuggler.

This enterprise has a whole arsenal of developments helping make the frontier secure.

The Belarusian company BelOMO preserves its image as a leader in the field of optics.

These sights will find you anywhere, even if you are in the camouflage or behind the cover of darkness.

Now Belarus' priority is the high-tech product. For example, this is the heart of video surveillance systems, drones and robots.

Andrey Borovsky, First Deputy Director:
The products are so high-tech that a small device can cost even more than the tractor Belarus.

Belarusian enterprises presented about 300 models of weapons and special equipment at MILEX. Every third is innovative. MILEX brings together dozens of international delegations. Belarus sells not only machinery and weapons, but also technologies. The military industry of Belarus already has decent image in the international arena.

Another good example of Belarus' achievements in this area is the truck tractor Volat.

Yevgeny Pustovoi:
This is V1, still a test model and it will be unveiled at the international exhibition MILEX. Journalists get into its cabin for the first time. This vehicle can even overcome a 1.5m high barrier. A rear-view camera is provided for convenience. V1 is like a fortress on wheels. Volat - it speaks for itself.