Alexander Lukashenko's visit to China: New business ideas ahead

Alexander Lukashenko's visit to China: New business ideas ahead

President Lukashenko made a visit to China, we will tell you about it. But first, let's consider a few funny facts and pictures. China is the country of records! First of all, in terms of population. It allows surprising with extras during various holidays and actions.

In this picture, the students create a giant national flag. And this is an attempt to set a world record in depicting human organs by people. The Chinese are collectively engaged in improving gymnastics called Qigong. And this is yoga: the girls are on a 300-meter suspended bridge with glass floor. Here is some kind of sports festival. Here is how the final exams in a provincial high school look like. The Chinese love some gastronomic extravaganzas too: in this photo you can see a massive toss of dough for pizza. This is a massive breakfast in bed, in Beijing.

It would be nice if every Chinese drank a glass of Belarusian milk for breakfast. And then the Chinese would use in one morning all the Belarusian milk produced in a year! And Belarus would not bother arguing with Russia...

During the visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Beijing, it was the diary topic that was raised. Today in the program you will see a special 'dairy' report. But first let's consider the outcome of the visit of President Lukashenko to the People's Republic of China. Olga Yurut reports.

Olga Yurut:
The creativity of the organizers of the international forum in Beijing struck us. Almost at every crossroads, there are such works of landscape design. 1 million 800 flower pots adorned the capital of China. Thematic exhibitions "One belt, One Road" are opened in ten parks.

Openness and cooperation. Mutual learning. Benefits and win-win deals. This is the brief description of the essence of the concept One Belt, One Road, proposed to the world community by China.

Nikolai Snopkov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is one of the first countries in the world and the first in Europe to join this concept, based on two main features: first this is a friendly concept for our country and secondly, it is profitable.

Alexander Lukashenko stands to the right from President Xi Jinping of China. Our President is in the first row in this footage, which is symbolic. It was Belarus that was one of the first in the world to support the initiative One Belt, One Road. And now it actively participates in two of the four major projects of the Silk Road.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
When these concepts are implemented, no one imposes interests or expands trade uncontrollably to other states. China comes - and this is a unique feature - as a friendly country, offering incentives for joint development. By the way, without preconditions, without imposing their principles, their views. The initiative "One Belt, One Road" not only reshapes the economic map of the world and creates new growth points, but also forms international relations of a new type.

The two-day summit was a success. Communicating with Xi Jinping, Alexander Lukashenko in a friendly manner shared his impression.

Alexander Lukashenko:
That large-scale event, which you conducted, deserves the most serious attention. And this event is already being discussed all over the world. The brightest and most powerful (I have not seen this in more than 20 years of work, I publicly said it on the sidelines and during the summit itself) was your opening speech. We took this statement and will analyze it at home. This is a role model for any head of state. It was a large-scale and very concrete speech, encouraging everyone who was present there.

The leaders agreed that China would consider the possibility of issuing a loan of $1 billion to Belarus to complete the modernization of oil refineries.

Xi Jinping, the chairman of the Chinese People's Republic:
During the forum, we discussed the role of Belarus in the implementation of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative. Your country has made a huge contribution. Today, our countries have established comprehensive cooperation, moreover, it is stable. Our dialogue has reached a new stage, and now new perspectives are opening up.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We will meet again in Minsk in early August. We are waiting for you. I want you to spend more time with us in Belarus, so that I can show you not only our opportunities in production, the main directions of our cooperation, but also show the charm of this piece of land in the center of Europe.

Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan:
In a very short period of time, we have managed to raise the level of relations between Belarus and Pakistan to a very high level. Certainly, we achieved such rates thanks to our personal relations. You are the foundation of this relationship. We can be proud of it.

Alexander Lukashenko also had talks with leaders of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The President spoke very actively with representatives of European countries too. He also had thorough conversations with the leadership of Kenya, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Vietnam.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
Such forums are a good opportunity to meet with colleagues, discuss the current state, prospects for bilateral relations with a particular country. There were many such contacts.

During the summit, the President talked with a big businessman. The company CITIC Group has been working in Belarus for 10 years already. Cement factories have been built, now BelGee car factory is being constructed as well as a complex of buildings on Pobeditelei Avenue in Minsk.

Alexander Lukashenko:
For such a huge company as your CITIC Group it's a drop in the ocean. Let's think about, if you have an interest, what other businesses we could start in Belarus.

The Chinese corporation CITIC Group is ready to invest $1.5 billion in projects in Belarus.

Wang Jun, deputy chairman of the board, head of the CITIC Group corporation (China):
A year has passed since my last visit to your country and we see opportunities to launch new business ideas. We have already agreed on the creation of special robots in Belarus, we also start implementing projects in agro-industrial, agricultural and petrochemical sectors. The volume of investments is about $1.5 billion.

The government delegation of Belarus signed an agreement on the creation of the Chinese-Belarusian Venture Fund "The Great Stone". They also concluded trade and economic contracts for the supply of dairy products. 

This is basically milk powder, whey, butter, and cheese. China will continue to build social housing in Belarus.

The Republic of China is open to innovations; they are ready to share technology, and invest in Belarus. These days, the first mobile crane Zoomlion-MAZ was presented in Mogilev. Equipment is from China and chassis are by Minsk Automobile Plant. An international duo worked on the model. The carrying capacity of this crane is 25 tons. The project was realized in several months. After tests, it will be made available for sale in the Eurasian Union.

Xiong Yanming, vice president of the Chinese company Zoomlion:
It is very comfortable to work with Belarusian partners. We are satisfied with the cooperation with MAZ. We see good prospects in the market of the Eurasian Union. We plan to produce construction equipment together.

During the working visit of the head of state, Chinese banks signed a document on financing three projects in engineering worth $340 million.

Yuri Seliverstov, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Belarus:
This is an agreement on granting concessional loans for projects that were launched in 2016. This is the production of special machines for the company Amkodor as well as the production of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic transmissions.

Following the talks, the heads of state concluded an agreement on the development of international freight traffic and cooperation in the implementation of the Silk Road Concept. By the way, these days, the first container Belarusian-Chinese train returns from Beijing to Minsk.

Anatoly Sivak, Transport and Communications Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The fact that today we see growth in transportation by rail, in particular through Belarus, is a direct reduction of the terms against shipping by sea, where the transportations take up to 60 days. Today, depending on delivery points, we are talking about only 12-15 days.

On the eve of the visit, the President of Belarus signed a document on new working conditions for residents in the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park "The Great Stone". 

As a result, four new residents from the richest province of China Guangdong came to the park. The companies plan to produce pumps and light-emitting diodes in Belarus.

Alexander Yaroshenko, head of administration, Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park Great Stone:
This is an innovative product. This product is in demand in European markets and markets of the Eurasian economic space. It is beneficial for the Chinese side, too as the projects have a quick pay-back period of 1.5 years.

The heads of state of Belarus and China discussed mutual easing of the visa regime. Upon his return in Minsk Alexander Lukashenko signed the relevant decree. 

Now, Chinese citizens holding passports for official trips can stay in Belarus for up to 30 days without visas.

Countries are growing, values ​​are changing. A year ago, few could have guessed that China would become a supporter of globalization and would assemble countries from Europe to Asia on its land. Today, China is the main trading partner for hundreds of states. One third of assets in the world economy belongs to China. The country's GDP grows by 6-7% per year. This is reflected in the everyday level - the lives of ordinary Chinese. New high-quality cars are in the streets, skyscrapers are being built. The nation itself has become more open. Not changing its traditions, China is keeping up with the times and sometimes outpaces time itself.