Vladimir Makei: Belarus stands against military conflict resolution


Vladimir Makei: Belarus stands against military conflict resolution

Official Minsk is aimed at strengthening cooperation with all partners, said the Foreign Minister of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, during the Minsk Dialogue conference.

Scientists, experts, ex-ministers and diplomats discuss how Belarusian foreign policy has developed over the past 25 years, what has been achieved and what has yet to be worked on. In an uneasy geopolitical situation Belarus managed to prevent chaos and violence, maintain peace, security and stability in the country. This is renowned as an indisputable achievement on the international arena.

Vladimir Makei, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
It is important to have dialogue with one another in any situation, to have open exchange of opinions. It is also important to set a task to solve problems. To solve the problems rather than ignore them. Belarus truly wants to prevent military conflict resolution, so that conflicts would be solved diplomatically, so that integrational regional structures, which are to solve these issues, would play an important role.

Over the 25 years, Minsk has established and restored diplomatic relations with states around the globe - a total of 174 countries. Moreover, the voice of Belarus sounds from many international tribunes, where Belarus is traditionally for the preserving peace. Today, Belarus is doing everything possible to prevent the military resolution of conflicts. One of the confirmations is the "Minsk agreements" on Ukraine, which, perhaps, can be considered the main diplomatic victory for Belarus.