Gomel hosts Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs concert

Gomel hosts Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs concert

Gomel hosted Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs concert and the city’s residents loved it. The grand project of the CTV channel, or to be more precise, a three-hour show in the Belarusian language in one of the most modern concert halls of Belarus was a real cultural event. Many Belarusian songs by famous Belarusian artist were performed in a new and sometimes rather unexpected ways.


In order to feel the atmosphere and learn about the project, it is necessary to watch such a concert. This is the gist of the Belarusian soul, of what Belarusians strived for and what their cultural traditions are about.

Alexander Dobriyan, CTV:
Gomel is not just a big city; it is a cultural center as well. Belarusian celebrities partake in the project every month. It was great to here that tickets for the CTV project Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs were selling like hot cakes. Inside the hall there are 1000 places, and there weren’t any free places.

Belarusian singer Sasha Nemo sang Alexander Solodukha’s song “Enchanted fairy” in a new way. Alexander did not recognize his hit song first.

Alexander Solodukha, singer:
It was an unusual interpretation of my song “Enchanted fairy”. Sasha Nemo did an acoustic variant of it. It has a right to live. Of course, I like that version.

The project did not only gather the best songs, but gave a chance for every song to be performed in a modern way as well.

Yadviga Popalvskaya, People’s Artist of Belarus:
I feel happy to hear wonderful songs performed, to hear that they once again bring happiness and smiles. It is the most important thing. I would with great pleasure sit in the hall and listen to this wonderful concert. However, artists can listen to the songs behind the stage only.

Valery Skorozhonok, singer:
It doesn’t matter how the song is performed, it matters that these songs sound and they don’t die. Several generations have been brought up on these songs. These songs must sound forever.

The audience of the concert in Gomel had a great opportunity to attend this great musical celebration and they enjoyed it very much.

It was a wonderful concert.

I left the concert with such energy which will last me for 100 years.

Thank you to the CTV channel for organizing such a concert.

Oleg Borisenko, chairman of Gomel Regional Council of Deputies:
People from small districts came to Gomel to see and listen to the performance of Belarusian songs. Many thanks to the CTV channel and Belarusian artists as well.

The celebration is to continue. Gomel is only one of the stops. Belarus will host the next Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs concert on June 7, 2017. A different program is expected there with surprises and guests of the Eurovision song contest. For those who haven’t bought tickets for the show, you need to hurry up. Most of them have already been sold out.