Belarus President supports initiative on popular control over prices

Belarus President supports initiative on popular control over prices

The Belarus President has supported the initiative of trade unions on people's control over prices. On May 19, this matter was discussed at the meeting of the head of state with the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, Mikhail Orda.

It is proposed to create a working group to monitor prices for the most significant groups of goods in order to compare the figures of official statistics with real price tags in stores. The Federation of Trade Unions plans to inform the government about the results of such work, so that if violations in pricing are found, prompt measures can be taken to eliminate them.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I heard that you want to organize people's control over the prices in the stores. In the statistics reports, everything seems to be fine and correct. Methods seem to be right and price increases seem to be modest but prices for basic goods in stores may differ from statistical data. Trade unions know the real situation best. Therefore, I very much support this initiative on control over pricing by people themselves. I don't even mean pricing, but control over prices directly at trade organizations, where people buy this product. Employment? Trade unions have always been responsible for this. And would like to ask you not to leave this question. And salary as a result. We have nowhere to retreat. You understand this no worse than I do, because you face every day with people whose salaries we want to increase. So keep these questions in view.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus also proposed to declare 2018 the Year of Human Labor with a view to enhance the prestige of working professions.

Alexander Lukashenko and Mikhail Orda discussed pension issues connected with insufficient length of employment, which does not allow some people to qualify for decent pensions.

Mikhail Orda, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions: 
These are in particular people who now take care of the disabled and families with many children. A mother of four children does not get any years of employment duration counted for the fourth child, only years spent taking care of the first three children are taken into account when calculating a woman's future pension. This impacts her pension in the future. We believe this must be corrected and the President fully supported us in this. To date a draft decree of the President is almost prepared and it will be submitted to the head of state soon.