Belarus to pay more attention to children's basketball


Belarus to pay more attention to children's basketball

Maxim Ryzhenkov has been re-elected as chairman of the Belarusian Basketball Federation. He was elected on May 18 at an extraordinary election conference.

Ryzhenkov outlined the main directions of the Federation's work in the foreseeable future. According to him, great attention will be paid to the training of coaches and internal championships. Also, the support will be given to the amateur league.

The Federation will also develop Paralympic basketball. This is not only a sports program, but also a social one.

Of course, much effort will be put into the development of children's and youth schools.

Maxim Ryzhenkov, Chairman of the Belarusian Basketball Federation:
First of all, we continue the implementation of support programs, the development of children's and youth basketball. You have seen that people in general are very positive about what is happening today with the creation of the Children's League. And the next very important direction is the development of the Institute of National Teams. For the men's national team, the task is naturally to pass the qualifying round and get into the final part of the European Championship. For the women's team the main thing at this stage is to show a decent performance and test our youth team at the European Championships in Prague.