Guide-boards installed in Grodno visa-free territory


Guide-boards installed in Grodno visa-free territory

Guide-boards installed in Grodno visa-free territory How to get to the Augustow Canal and where to buy Belarusian souvenirs. Guide-boards are being installed in Grodno region visa-free zone to help the travelers.

Information stands made in the shape of a map with keys and marginal notes. Thanks to such stands a tourist will easily find his geographical bearings and find out where the interesting places of the region are. The map will give information on the best route to choose, where cafes, hotels and other services are. The boards decorated the roads leading to Grodno, including the roads from Lithuania’s and Poland’s directions, where electronic panels and billboards have been installed as well.

Oleg Andreichik, managing director of sports and tourism of Grodno Regional Executive Committee:
A doctrine of information support is being developed today. Advertisement journal panels with maps of main place will be installed as well. It has been decided that all the information wil be in three languages: the Russian, Belarusian, and English languages.

As many as 14,000 tourists from 48 countries visited Grodno region since the visa-free regime started working. Despite the traditional gusts from the Baltic states, tourists from Mexico, Japan and Australia visited the region.