Mass cyberattack: Belarus counters “Wanna Cry” malicious virus threat

Mass cyberattack: Belarus counters “Wanna Cry” malicious virus threat

At the Beijing One Belt, One Way summit special attention was paid to global security threats.

To be more precise, the mass cyberattack, which affected more than 150 countries on May 12, was discussed.

Belarus did not suffer from the hackers. This information was confirmed by the National Computer Emergency Response Team of the Republic of Belarus. All the electronic systems work as usual. The ransomware affected many countries, the latest of which were China, Japan, and South Korea, where universities, hospitals stopped working.

Gennady Reznikov, a programmer, says that the virus came by Belarus.

It is possible that Belarus was not among the hackers’ targets.

It is also possible that the hackers simply didn’t find any open ports on Belarusian devices. However, it does not eliminate the necessity of security.

Gennady Reznikov, acting director of antivirus software development company:
It is necessary for the operating system to be licensed. Antivirus programs, which are updated, are a necessity. It is very likely that

these antiviruses are not free. Believe me, it is not any sort of an advertisement.

The hostile program spread momentary all over the world. Windows XP developers left operation system door open. The situation was dealt with thanks to the latest updates. However, it was not downloaded by everyone. This came in handy for the authors of the virus.

The virus with a name that speaks for itself “Wanna Cry” made people cry all over the world. It works simply. At a certain moment a red box with a text in the English language appears on the screen.

It asks to pay from $300 to $600. Otherwise all the information on the computer will be deleted forever.

British hospitals suffered most of all. The attack affected 16 medical establishments. However, such a scenario is not possible in Belarus.

According to the Belarusian law, the electronic systems of Belarusian hospitals are local.

Semyon Polyakov, department supervisor of the State Institution “Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Technologies, Informatization, Administration and Management of Health”:
The state information system does not only consider healthcare, they must be physically separated with the internet, especially when there is confidential information or restricted distribution information. For this reason it is difficult for the viruses to get into the system from the outside.

No interference into the financial system of the Republic of Belarus has been registered.

This is when Russian banks were put under risk. Belarusian banks are working as usual. However, the situation is under constant control.

Oleg Molofeev, director of bank systems and technologies department:
There is a threat and for this case the bank has a certain budget and protection levels.

The most critical sectors are under protection as workstations and certain networks.

Belarus has a minimum of three defense layers; it has licensed subscriptions and licensed legal security from all brands.

The protection from the virus “Wanna Cry” has already been found.

However, it doesn’t mean that there’ll be no more attacks.

Specialists say that up to one million people can get affected and the extortionists can earn billions of dollars.