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Producer Maksimkov on how to advertise Belarus

Producer Vladimir Maksimkov spoke about the need of creating more newsbreakers during the talk show What's Going On? on the TV channel RTR-Belarus.

Vladimir Maksimkov, producer:
It happened to be so that the main newsmaker today is the President. It just happened. However, it is not that good, that everything is put a lid on with this. No more newsbreakers are created, because there is the President and he will solve everything. If it is advancement, if it is advertising, a huge amount of newsbreakers should be created. Taken as a whole. We say “Ice hockey”, ”Eurovision”. Tractors are mentioned as well. Then the strong points should be chosen, and think how these strong points can be presented, there is a need to determine the audience as well. And pressure should be put onto these strong points.

To create some kind of products, to make noise. And not only play ice hockey.

What’s wrong with team Belarus singing the national anthem of the neighboring country? To make a video clip and take it there. I’m telling you, the entire France would be showing this clip. They wouldn’t even look at the results. They would say, “Wow, Belarusian ice hockey players came and sang the national anthem of France. Stone the crows!” What I want to say is that it is wrong to shift the responsibility,. Yes, the President decides on many things. However, it is wrong to shift the responsibility and say, “That’s it, the issue is over”. In each sector, be it the High Tech park, MAZ, the opera theater or the dance company “Khoroshki”, let’s create newsbreakers nd popularize it to the world.

Producer Maksimkov on how to advertise a country