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Composer: Eurovision is a tool, not an end in itself

The composer Yevgeny Oleinik expressed his opinion about the task of the Belarusian song "I love Belarus" at Eurovision 2011 during the talk show "What's Going On".

You are a veteran of the struggle for Eurovision and against Eurovision. Yevgeny, everyone knows that you wrote a song that won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. You wrote a legendary song "I love Belarus", which was criticized and praised. In general, how should one sing about the country? For whom is it more important - for the world, for Eurovision or for us inside?

Yevgeny Oleinik, composer, producer:
Eurovision is an instrument. That is, you cannot perceive it as an end in itself. The trip to Eurovision must be reconciled. You need to understand what to sing, how and for whom to sing. When we wrote the song "I love Belarus", the main task for the creative team was to teach people to pronounce the name of our country correctly. The audience of Eurovision Song Contest is more than 200 million.

People watching Eurovision are different but inside the contest itself, I know that many delegations now associate "I love Belarus" with a simple word "Hello".

Composer: Eurovision is a tool, not an end in itself