Why do Belarusians ride bikes on the sidewalk?


Why do Belarusians ride bikes on the sidewalk?

What foreign guests think about the cycling infrastructure of Minsk? The TV program "Big City" found out.

Pavel Gorbunov, Chairman of the Board of the Minsk Cycling Society:
Let's just say, foreigners are surprised. First, because Minsk has all the conditions for the development of cycling. We have a flat city, wide streets. Accordingly, there is a need to make bicycle lanes, there is space. These are not like narrow European streets, where you need to think about whom to move there. Secondly, foreigners are surprised that Belarusian cyclists move along the sidewalk and not along the roadway.

Belarus is probably the only country in the world where this happens.

Third, they are probably a little surprised that we still have few bicyclists. Even in the same Warsaw, the city of the same size, has much better developed bicycle traffic. The boom is everywhere.

The percentage of Belarusians who used bicycle in the summer was 1% in 2016.

This is 7 times higher than it was in 2010, so there is a positive trend, but we still have room for development.