Country leaders adopt final communique at One Belt, One Way forum May 15

Country leaders adopt final communique at One Belt, One Way forum May 15

Leaders of countries participating in the One Belt, One Way forum adopted final communique. Alexander Lukashenko took part in the grand summit. Talks were held in the international conference hall “Yuantouzhu”. This is where a few round table talks were held. The official day started with the welcoming ceremony of country leaders.

At the meeting of forum member-states Alexander Lukashenko will emphasize that the One Belt, One Way forum does not only redraw the economic world map and create new growing points, but forms international relations of a new type as well. It is proved by the fact that nearly 70 countries signed cooperation agreements with China within the One Belt, One Way initiative.

The summit was a platform for bilateral talks as well. Alexander Lukashenko held talks with the President of Turkey. Thanks to personal relations of the two presidents the cooperation between Belarus and Turkey is on the rise. The commodity circulation is increasing. It summed up to about 800 million dollars in 2016.

Vladimir Makei, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The work on establishing joint plant needs activating. Tractor and automotive manufacturing plants in Pakistan, for instance. Harvester manufacturing plants in Turkey, The two Presidents agreed on holding a joint intergovernmental committee session in Turkey in the nearest time, which was postponed for a reasonable period of time before due to the internal situation in Turkey. I suppose that in the next two or three months Belarus and Turkey will hold this session and discuss the specific plan of Belarus’ and Turkey’s long term actions.

Alexander Lukashenko held a range of talks with leaderships from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. A constructive dialogue took place with the establishments of Kenya, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

What is more, President Lukashenko held a meeting with the chairman of the Chinese corporation “CITIC Group” on the 15th of May. As many as 40 associated companies and banks are a part of the corporation. The main business dimensions are financial activities, immovable property and building, IT, industry, trade and services.