Belarus and China sign contracts worth $13 million

Belarus and China sign contracts worth $13 million

The current summit One Belt, One Way is a key event of the last years both for China and the countries participating in the project. Xi Jinping initiated to revive the Silk Way. Today representatives of more than 100 states are discussing the new political and economic power outlook in Beijing.

It is difficult to overestimate Belarus’ role in this ambitious project. Being on the main transport routes of Europe and the East, Belarus was among the first countries to support the revival of the Silk Way.

First agreements were made in Beijing the day before. A range of contracts on promoting dairy products to the Chinese market were signed. Belarus’ Minselkhozprod signed a protocol on concerning direct investments with the largest Chinese corporation to Belarus’ agriculture worth a billion dollars. The corporation intends to invest into the dairy sector of Belarus, into building market-milk complexes and modernization of processing plants in particular.

Leonid Zayats, Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus:
Belarus managed to sign trade and economic contracts of products delivery worth more than $13 billion. The majority of these products are dairy foods. Dried whole milk, dried skim milk, dried whey, butter, cheese, and ultrasculded milk, which is in in demand and is popular on the Chinese market. As many as 34 Belarusian plants have been certified for supplying the Chinese market with Belarusian dairy products.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko held bilateral talks with the Pakistani Premier the day before as well. Alexander Lukashenko and Nawaz Sharif discussed the development of industrial cooperation and the perspectives of establishing new joint plants in Pakistan.