TV awards ceremony Televershina 2017 results

TV awards ceremony Televershina 2017 results

The 13th Televershina TV awards ceremony was held in Belarus. There were many contenders for statuettes since there are many TV programs in the country. Belteleradiocompany alone is a holding of 11 TV channels together with regional TV channels. But don't forget about such channels as ONT, CTV and RTR-Belarus, which you are currently watching. Tatyana Revizore has the report.

The main media event of this spring Televertshina was held under No.13. It would seem that there is soil for superstition, but even force majeures went according to scenario. The best TV personas of Belarus gathered last week at the Palace of the Republic.

Olga Korshun, CTV correspondent:
We are rooting for our guys, we will shout, whistle, support, and send positive fluids, so that they take their statuettes.

Televershina is often compared to the famous film festival Oscar.

Dmitry Travin, cameraman of CTV, nominee of the XIII national competition Televershina:
There are slight jitters, because there is a possibility that I will win. Anyway, I will get some place. I am having goosebumps.

The choice in 2017 was not easy. Just one fact: almost three hundred applications were filed for only 25 nominations.

Vyacheslav Bulatsky, co-chairman of the jury of the 13th National Television Competition Televershina:
It is pleasant that the professional level of regional television channels is getting closer to the level of our experienced TV men.

Yegor Khrustalev, the host of the talk show "What is Going On?" became the best presenter of a socio-political program in 2017.

Our colleagues have been winning for about ten years primarily in personal nominations.

Yegor Khrustalev, winner of XIII Televershina national competition:
I try to add my own tone so that my program has a place for both a smile and a serious conversation. And I want my programs to be perceived first of all as a show, in the sense in which it is translated.

Their cheerfulness can only be envied. While Belarus wakes up, these telepaths are already turning the morning into a studio of good mood.

Alexandra Kashtanova and Anton Martynenko won in the nomination "The best presenters of an entertainment program."

It is notable that regional TV companies won a number of awards this year.

Nina Poznyak, editor-in-chief of the Lida TV and Radio Association:
We have such a situation that if we are uninteresting, no one will watch us. It's not easy to compete with central TV channels. Therefore, the whole team understands what is at stake.

The 13th Televershina proves once again that competition is growing every year. To keep the audience, television today is changing the format and approaches.

Kirill Kazakov, Deputy Director General of Stolichnoe Televidenie:
Now the most important thing is probably a direct connection with the viewer. The so-called interactive component. It must be understood that any movement of yours is watched by a large number of people. Previously, this was not the case. You could wait a week for some feedback. Now that's our new reality.

By the way, about the interactive component. The 13th Televershina brought good luck and a statuette of the musical show "Two Stars". The bright project won hearts of both spectators and judges. The masters of live broadcasts in the literal sense sang together with the masters of the stage. As a result the viewers saw unusual improvisations, unexpected duets and emotions that cannot be contained.

Among the nominees, there were many new names and new programs. Among them is Open Conversation. This a unique project that clarifies the peculiarities of labor laws.

Ilona Volynets, TV presenter, Stolichnoe Televidenie, laureate of the XIII Televershina national competition:
We raise the most topical issues that concern every Belarusian. Starting from some special cases (for example, the manager did not prolong the contract or a person was injured in a factory accident) to some global topics (decree No.3, business liberalization).

On May 14, there will be a delicious premiere at RTR-Belarus. A new culinary show "Big luck" promises to become truly national in its scale. Any Belarusian can try themselves as a hospitable cook. Chefs will help them prepare delicious dishes. Then a star will come to the hospitable host for dinner.