Belarus secures IIHF WM elite division spot for 2018


Belarus secures IIHF WM elite division spot for 2018

The Belarusian national ice hockey team has retained a place in the elite division of the IIHF WM. The duel with Slovenia proved to be fateful. The guys of Dave Lewis did not have the right for mistake: they could not lose in regulation time.

Belarus lost the first period 1:2.

Fortunately, after the break Belarus equalized quickly and then their play exploded and Belarus literally destroyed the opponents scoring three times.

Evgeny Kovyrshin, Alexander Pavlovich, Ilya Shinkevich and Andrey Stas brought themselves on the scoreboard for 5:2.

The teams did not score in the third period and Belarus celebrated such an important yet still the only victory at the tournament. Prior to that Belarus lost to Finland 2:3, the Czech Republic 1:6, Canada 0:6, Switzerland 0:3 and France 3:4 (shootout).

In the last match on May 16, Belarus play against Norway. This encounter does not seriously influence Belarus’ positions in the tournament.