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Naviband's Artem and Ksenia: Are they together?

Dozens of Belarusian flags in support of Naviband soared above the main arena of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. In the end, Naviband became 17th out of 42 nations, the two semifinals included.

The Portuguese artist Salvador Sobral sang a song about love, as well as the Belarusian duo, and also in his native language. By the way, Naviband's performance had an unusual ending. The kiss of Artem and Ksenia revealed their secret to the world.

Naviband’s Artem and Ksenia turned out to be husband and wife.

Artem Lukyanenko, Naviband:
Three years ago, we used to joke that we would tell journalists we are together. And then we thought we could reveal this secret when we are in the Eurovision final. Then we will be able to reveal our secret.

Naviband's Artem and Ksenia: Are they together?