Alexander Lukashenko to stay in China till May 16


Alexander Lukashenko to stay in China till May 16

Alexander Lukashenko arrived in China on working visit on May 13, 2017 in the evening.

President Lukashenko will stay in China till the 16th of May.

Here he will partake in the international cooperation forum One Belt, One Way. Nearly three dozen of heads of states and governments are expected in the Chinese capital. The extension and the widening of the dialogue on the Eurasian continent will be discussed.

It is expected that President Lukashenko will hold a range of bilateral meetings and negotiations with foreign leaders.

A bilateral meeting of Alexander Lukashenko and China’s President Xi Jinping is planned as well.

It is the tenth time when Alexander Lukashenko is visiting China. It is not by chance that Belarus’ and China’s friendship is known as “all weather”. No matter how difficult the situation is at the world stock exchange market,

Belarus and China have been building their mutually profitable relations firmly and structurally for 25 years now.

What is more, Belarus was one of the first countries in Europe to start strategic relations with China within the One Belt, One Way project. The Chinese-Belarusian industrial park became the flagship project of cooperation within the Belt and the Way. The Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park Great Stone unites and develops both trade and technologies.

Kirill Rudyi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in the People's Republic of China:
At the moment one high tech plant is being built in Belarus. Some resident plants began building works, others are being planned.

The upcoming forum will be an international event of the highest level, which was organized after Xi Jinping’s initiative One Belt, One Way. Beijing is not outlining the strategies with clear geographic borders; it is a wide circle of associates. There is an idea to cover the territory of the entire Eurasian continent from west to east with a net of trade routes, to connect Europe with Central Asia and the Middle East.

Belarus will be one of the most important junction points in this ambitious project.

By the way, Belarus is involved in two key projects of the new land Silk Way.

Van Xinli, executive supervisor of “E-King” (China):
I have really good impressions about Belarus. The most important thing is social stability. People live a quiet life, the level of education in Belarus is very high,

and most importantly, and Belarus has a tendency of good economy development.

Li Peining, deputy director general of the cosmic corporation “Xingjian”:
Our corporation has been cooperating with Belarus for a long time now. As far back as 1998 we created a joint plant together with Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant. As many as three thousand special chassis have been produced ever since.

As many as three dozen of heads of states and governments are expected in Beijing, directors of the largest international organizations as well. Xi Jinping is to open the forum and will be the chairman at the round table talks. President Lukashenko is to partake in the forum.

It is possible that President Lukashenko will hold talks with his colleagues from other countries.

Hu Zhen, executive supervisor of China-Belarus Joint-Stock Closed Company “Industrial Park Development Company”, member of Board of directors of “China Merchants Group”:
I am sure that the forum plays an important role and will give impulse to the realization of the One Belt, One Belt initiative.

Of course, it may speed up the development of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park “Great Stone”.

A dialogue in the format of “1+6” is planned at the forum. It will be a plenary meeting and six topical sessions. In today’s conditions of world economy growth rate reduction the initiative One Belt, One Way is in a way a locomotive for the economic development of states, which are located alongside the new Silk Way.

Besides the foreign agenda, the leaders will discuss a range of important issues for Belarus and China in trade and economy, investment, financial and humanitarian sectors.

It is evident that such a large forum of a high level is a rather responsible event.

Despite the busy schedule and such pressure, Xi Jinping will meet with Alexander Lukashenko.

China has always been pragmatic. However, personal relations are a weighty argument in favor of economic cooperation. Further actions will be discussed in the coming days in Beijing at the forum