Alexander Lukashenko sets tasks before new personnel


Alexander Lukashenko sets tasks before new personnel

President Lukashenko made personnel decisions on May 12, 2017. New directors were named in district executive committees, in the education system. The Gomel region inspector was appointed the Assistant to President. Alexander Lukashenko orientated the new personnel at social issues primarily. Prices, employment, and salaries are the priorities which must stay at the center of attention of local authorities.

Belarus hasn’t seen such a cold spring for a long time. The last time when spring was so cold was 30 years ago. Alexander Lukashenko was interested how the cold weather affected the progress in field works. The President was told that the situation is not easy; however, the spring snow and frost didn’t affect the crops much.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Of course, the crops must be sown timely, but without compromises. It concerns the Vitebsk region primarily. The most burning issue of the day is that Vitebsk Region residents are mostly present here today. The crop raising system needs changing. People shouldn’t suffer and the government shouldn’t suffer as well, and technologies needn’t be used incorrectly. If Vitebsk region has land where big volumes of cereal crops can be cultivated (Orsha, Tolochin, Dubrovna, and Vitebsk districts), then cereal crops need to be cultivated, because any region must have cereal crops growing. In other districts it will be necessary to choose fields for producing mixed cattle feed. Everything else needs to be seeded with grasses and to produce milk.

Alexander Lukashenko set a task to improve the agriculture system in the northern areas of Belarus. President Lukashenko expects concrete actions from chairmen of district executive committees. Their task will be to increase the living standards of Belarusians.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The main questions which are always discussed concern the social sector, which will in fact snowball the economy. Prices, salary, and employment. By solving these problems, we won’t get away from modernization of plants, from creating new working places. We will have to create them because there will be no employment. If the problem concerning the level of salaries is not solved this year, then it will be impossible to work in the future, people won’t understand the government at all. No matter what it takes, stay close or thin up, do whatever you like, no one will be against, however, by means of economy and workforce productivity the government must give people a good salary, and help them earn this money. For this reason these three issues will stay under constant control.

Special attention is paid to Orsha, Bobruisk, Borisov and Baranovichi regional centers. Many of these towns are important railway ties, which can be turned into locomotives for outskirts development.

Leonid Penkovsky, chairman of Orsha District Executive Committee:
The tasks set by the President and the tasks I see mean development of Orsha’s industrial potential. It involves employment of people and paying salaries to them. Besides the development of agriculture, it is necessary to create new working places to employ people and pay them a decent salary.

Alexander Studnev, chairman of Bobruisk District Executive Committee:
The President set social issues primarily, issues concerning ideology and employment. These are the main issues which must be solved and paid attention to in towns today.

President Lukashenko emphasized that in towns as Orsha cultural and sports complexes are not working to their full extent. They do not have sports teams. This is when Belarus has plenty of coaches. Serious changes are set ahead of Belarusian sport. Alexander Lukashenko considers it inadmissible, when high salaries are paid but there is no result.

Alexander Lukashenko:
There is no sport, they sit there doing nothing and get high salaries! Being the President of Belarus I have never dreamt of having such money being paid to me. And the first question of this person in the interview whether the salaries were paid to the Dynamo team. Did they fulfill their obligations though? They were meant to get through to the playoff and get into the first round. Nevertheless, they didn’t. All that is being discussed is salaries. We will pay you your money. Bets should be made on your coaches and they need to be trained on the spots.

Sergei Repkin was appointed the new rector of the Belarusian State University of Physical Education.

Sergei Repkin, rector of the Belarusian State University of Physical Education:
The components of a sports result are physical and psychological training, methods of training during a long period of time. To my mind it is very important to have young coaches at the first stages; I mean children’s sports, so that they would fulfill the training of Belarusian youth.

However, health of young Belarusians does not only depend on sport but on the day regimen as a whole. In many cases children have to get up early in the morning in order not to be late for their first class. It means not getting enough of sleep and bad progress in studies. Alexander Lukashenko demands to review the school schedule.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Classes shouldn’t start earlier than 9:00am, especially in villages. Nevermind the towns, but in villages children sometimes have to travel from five to seven kilometers by bus get to school. They have to get up at 6:00am. Not every adult can wake up at 6:00am.

Alexander Lukashenko made some personnel decisions in the internal affairs bodies as well. Brest and Vitebsk Regional Departments of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Activity Department have new chiefs now. What is interesting is that all the appointed candidates are young but are experienced and highly-qualified specialists at the same time.

Stanislav Zas, State Secretary of Security Council of the Republic of Belarus:
The average age is 42, their predecessors were beyond 50. A change of generations is taking place. It is good and it is the right decision. And such working boost is expected from them.

Alexander Lukashenko:
You are well-prepared people. Fresh ideas on processes are needed, there should be new blood. It is natural. If such changes don’t take place in the internal affairs sector, then a standstill is assured. If a result is wanted to be seen from this or that field of Belarus’ concern, from our lives, there must be active people.