Alexander Lukashenko makes personnel decisions May 12


Alexander Lukashenko makes personnel decisions May 12

The growth of personal sector by means of workforce productivity and expenditure optimization. Alexander Lukashenko demanded to improve the living standards of Belarusians. This task was set by the President to the directors of vertical power structure and to law enforcement bodies on May 12, 2017.

The main issues are prices, salaries, and employment. They are under constant control of the President.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The main questions which are always discussed concern the social sector, which will in fact snowball the economy. Prices, salary, and employment. By solving these problems, we won’t get away from modernization of plants, from creating new working places. We will have to create them because there will be no employment. If the problem concerning the level of salaries is not solved this year, then it will be impossible to work in the future, people won’t understand the government at all. No matter what it takes, stay close or thin up, do whatever you like, no one will be against, however, by means of economy and workforce productivity the government must give people a good salary, and help them earn this money. Fr this reason these three issues will stay under constant control.

When making personnel decisions, Alexander Lukashenko paid special attention to the development of regional centers in Belarus, many of which are important railway ties. Such town as Orsha must turn into a locomotive for the outskirts development. These issues will be looked into in the nearest time at a visiting governmental meeting.

Leonid Penkovsky, chairman of Orsha District Executive Committee:
The tasks set by the President and the tasks I see mean development of Orsha’s industrial potential. It involves employment of people and paying salaries to them. Besides the development of agriculture, it is necessary to create new working places to employ people and pay them a decent salary.

President Lukashenko demanded to review the crop raising system of the northern regions in Belarus on May 12, 2017. Vitebsk region has its bets set on producing beef, however the crop rotation of these barren soils needs to be changed.

Another task set by President Lukashenko was to review the school schedule. In many cases children have to get up at 6:00am. It has a negative impact on their health and their study progress.