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Belarusian State University opens branch of marketing department at MTZ

On May 12, a new branch of the marketing department of the Belarusian State University was opened at the MTZ company. Now, students will be able to see the entire technological process from inside during training. The sides have agreed to conduct profile and practical training.

Representatives of MTZ will also assist students in the preparation of term and diploma papers.

Taras Murog, Acting First Deputy General Director of MTZ:
We must be known, we must be seen. Just to produce, put a product into a warehouse or on the shelf is not the solution of problems now. We would like to keep up with the times, keep up with modern technologies. Our future is youth.

Piotr Brigadin, Director of the State Institute of Management and Social Technologies of the Belarusian State University:
Of course, we will support as much as possible students who would like to promote such Belarusian brand, who want to specialize, do scientific works and graduate works.

In the future, the best students will be able to apply for jobs at Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ). Today the plant is one of the largest producers of agricultural machinery not only in the CIS but also in the world. Every year, MTZ exports machinery to more than 150 countries, and its assembly plants are created in all corners of the planet.

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