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Belarus President: We must give people decent salary thanks to labor productivity

Alexander Lukashenko demands the fulfillment of tasks to improve the living standards of the population. He noted this May 12 taking decisions on personnel matters. New leaders will appear in some district executive committees and the system of internal affairs bodies. The President also appointed an assistant who will be inspector for the Gomel region.

Among the main issues are prices, salaries and employment. They will be constantly under control.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The main issues we are constantly talking about are social issues that will entail issues in the economy. Prices, salaries, employment. Solving these issues we will not go anywhere from modernization of enterprises, from creating new jobs. We will have to create them, because there will be no employment. And, accordingly, salaries. If we do not solve this problem with wages this year, it will be impossible for us to work in the future, people will not understand us at all. Therefore, whatever it costs us, tighten up, cut down your own personnel, nobody will punish you for this, but we should give people a normal salary, help them to earn thanks to savings and the productivity of labor. Therefore, these three issues will be constantly under control.    

Agricultural issues were also touched upon. The freezes could prevent a good harvest. Alexander Lukashenko instructed to improve the structure of agricultural production in the northern regions of Belarus. The emphasis should be placed on crops that are most rationally and efficiently produced in one area or another. One more instruction was connected with active introduction of modern technologies of storage of forages.

Belarus President: We must give people decent salary thanks to labor productivity