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Belarus President comments on problems with food supplies to the Russian market

The trade turnover between Belarus and the Rostov region is set to increase by one and a half times. At the end of 2016, it was estimated at $340 million. Minsk is interested in furthering cooperative ties with this region of Russia. Alexander Lukashenko received governor of that region Vasily Golubev in the Palace of Independence.

The parties say construction and the agricultural sector are among the most important areas in the joint work. Alexander Lukashenko also commented on the problems with the supply of food to the Russian market.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Problems happen sometimes. Basically, they were created artificially. Because when we met with the President of Russia, we agreed (like real men do): let's look at everything that goes across the border together. And when we started to control the situation in this aspect, it instantly changed. It just disappeared. God grant that it has disappeared forever. But so far there is no such fight. Specialists from Russia came. From the same Dankvert. They visited our enterprises. If you go to such enterprises in Europe, you will find out that only half of them are of the same level. The rest will be much lower level. Therefore, please don't complain. You must understand why I react in such a way. When it was very difficult in Belarus, when people did not have enough food we still set aside some money to modernize these enterprises later. We got this through sweat and blood. And when we are reproached today that we do not have the right food products... You know... That's too much. Let's compete honestly. If we produce harvesters in Gomel and Rosselmash produces them too, we must agree as partners. This is our common market. We can't crush each other. If Rosselmash does not see an opportunity to agree, so what do we have to do? We have to compete not only in our markets, but also outside. Take MAZ and KamAZ - one is limping in Belarus and the other has almost stopped production, God knows how it still works. This is what competition led to. Let alone foreign countries. Therefore, we want to be partners and negotiate.

As for the new joint projects and topics: Belarusians are ready to help in the construction of the ring road around Rostov, as well as to discuss cooperation in the field of housing and communal services. During the visit, the delegation of the Rostov Region is visiting a number of enterprises, where cooperation talks will be more detailed. The partners said a more detailed roadmap will appear in the near future.

Belarus President comments on problems with food supplies to the Russian market