Vadim Sashurin about Belarusian sportsmen’s athletic training


Vadim Sashurin about Belarusian sportsmen’s athletic training

Vadim Sashurin, a biathlonist, expressed his opinion on the TV talk show “What’s Going On?” about the athletic training of Belarusian sportsmen.

You are a legendary sportsman, but now you are a coach of SKA Minsk handball club. Does it mean that you are a universal sportsman?

Vadim Sahurin, fitness coach of SKA Minsk handball club, three times world biathlon champion, European champion, honored sport master of the Republic of Belarus:
I am not only the coach of SKA Minsk, but at the moment the national women’s basketball team has gathered at Raubichi for their training camp.

In majority of sports there isn’t a built-in system of training the flagship sportsmen.

It means that at the first stage sportsmen go through a failure stage. There isn’t a full picture what we are striving for. There isn’t a foundation. And in the end on the top level are rather raw sportsmen. Imagine the level of a national team, when a person cannot do even one pullup, when a sportsman cannot float on water.

If he plays handball, maybe he shouldn’t know how to swim?

Vadim Sashurin:
I am talking about all kinds of sports.

Aliaksandra, are there situations when somebody comes into swimming but this person cannot swim?

Aliaksandra Herasimenia, Olympic medalist (Rio de Janeiro, 2016):
Of course.

Of course? A unique sport nation.

Vadim Sashurin:
In the end it turns out that the top link, which is financed to its maximum-there is a necessity to solve all these banal problems. I mean that a sportsman cannot run correctly, cannot jump, swim.

Am I right that you are trying to implement your colossal sports experience at the level of overall physical condition into these games-based sports?

Vadim Sashurin:
Instead of developing special sports skills, I have to patch the holes of the past, which should have been formed at the initial stage.