Alexander Bogdanovich comments on Belarus ice hockey team search in France


Alexander Bogdanovich comments on Belarus ice hockey team search in France

During the talk show “What’s Going On?” sportsman Alexander Bogdanovich commented on the search of Belarus’ national ice hockey team in France and the critics concerning the sportsmen during President Lukashenko’s Address.

In virtue of the reasons beyond your control you didn’t go to the Olympics in Rio. You attended during the Address. Is it insulting? Is it unfair to get such evaluation?

Alexander Bogdanovich, deputy of the House of Representatives of the National assembly of the Republic of Belarus, medal winner of the Olympic Games (London 2012), champion of the Olympic Games (Beijing, 2008), rowing and canoeing world and European champion:
I suppose that everyone feels shame for sport, because what was planned wasn’t fulfilled. The fact that four years were dedicated to preparations and then sportsmen couldn’t g to the Olympics is certainly a shame. Today we all see that sport is politics. Belarusian sportsmen are removed at such stages when they can show results; we need to take that into consideration as well. Not only to create conditions for sports, but to protect sportsmen politically. Misbalance can be implemented by different means today.

Yes, the situation with Team Belarus at 2018 World Ice Hockey Championship.

Alexander Bogdanovich:
Yes, it happened there. I doubt that they wanted to find something there. However, it drove a wedge inside the team.

I understand that it is a sore subject for you.