Victory Day-2017 in Minsk: Belarus’ capital holds festive events

Victory Day-2017 in Minsk: Belarus’ capital holds festive events

Belarus is celebrating Victory Day. Hundreds of Minsk residents gathered near the Sports Palace and Victory Square. This is where the celebration is to its full height.

Minsk turned into one big festive platform today. Music is heard from each corner of the city. Atmosphere is celebratory. Many people came to Victory Park, and not only Minsk residents came, but guests of Belarus’ capital as well. Not only were the best moments of the 1940’s discussed today.

Music, dancing, the favorite Victory songs, and sports events on Victory Day. Food lovers were not forgotten of as well. Real soldier porridge was prepared for them. And of course? Tasty kebabs were prepared for those who hadn’t the opportunity to try them this season. People were also offered partisan tea made out of natural plants. People also had the possibility to have a walk with their children, go on rides and just have fun.

Another place where people could enjoy themselves was near the Sports Palace. A real city of all trades and was organized there. A fruitful concert will help to keep up the festive spirit of people.

Performance groups and famous Belarusian singers sang Victory songs on the same stage.