Belarus President congratulates compatriots on Victory Day

Belarus President congratulates compatriots on Victory Day

Belarus today marks a day of remembrance and deep gratitude. May 9 is one of the dearest dates to each Belarusian. It was Belarus that was the first of the USSR republics to have taken the blow of the Nazi invaders. 

During the occupation, the enemy destroyed more than 200 cities and nearly 10,000 villages. 

Every third Belarusian perished in the most brutal and destructive war of the 20th century. 

That is why Belarus treats soldiers, guerrillas, and underground fighters with special attention.

Alexander Lukashenko congratulated compatriots on the bright holiday.

"The military feats of ancestors are sacredly honored in Belarusian families, their orders, medals, photographs and letters from the front are kept as priceless relics. Dear veterans, honor and glory to you! We will forever remember the names of the millions of fighters and workers of the rear who defended the freedom of their beloved homeland! The unparalleled heroism of the Soviet people inspires the present generation of our compatriots for creative work, and the memory of the Great Victory consolidates society in overcoming global challenges and threats," the President noted in his message of congratulations.