Vladimir Vashchenko about high qualification of emergency units in Belarus

Vladimir Vashchenko about high qualification of emergency units in Belarus

Belarusian rescuers were rehearsing actions in event of chemical spill on May 6, 2017. Dozens of equipment units with the support of aviation liquidated the aftermath of an emergency drill at a plant on a range near Borisov.

Mikhail is a student of Belarussian State Agricultural Academy. He is taking part in a specialized competition of the Emergency Ministry for the third time. The main task is to show his personal development which will be able to help save people in emergency situations in real life.

A good preventive video may save lives as well.

Mikhail Atamanchik, student of Belarussian State Agricultural Academy:
It is very important to help people. If you can do it, then it is necessary.

Youth from all over Belarus and who are interested in the ideas of the Emergencies Ministry came to the range “Svetlaya roshcha”.

In many things they are still theorists. Many of the present at the range saw practical actions of rescuers for the first time.

The brightest and the most memorable moment for students is a master class. In a few minutes rescuers will be eliminating an emergency situation in real circumstances. This is when you can take a look at the future profession, how dangerous and necessary it is.

As many as 16 units of equipment, three helicopters, and 85 people of personnel.

Liquidation of a chemical spill and the consequences of the emergency are taking place. According to the legend of the emergency drill utility gas blew up in a five storey house, which led to a collapse of one of the entrance halls. Canine handlers helped to find people under the heaps.

Special attention is paid not only to the level of readiness, but to the alignment of actions both on the ground and in air as well.

Vladimir Vashchenko, Emergencies Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
A rescuer is constantly mastering his skills: there are no limits for perfection. Nevertheless, I can say for sure, that all the emergency units of the Republic of Belarus are highly qualified and they are ready to solve any tasks, which they are demonstrating in real life.

The exercises were held on seven platforms of the range. Everything began spontaneously and ended in ten minutes. Everything was like in real life-every minute counted.

The Emergencies Ministry says that this is a how they are choosing future rescuers by means of an intellectual game.

Students from seven universities were competing in 2017.This competition helped many of them to make the final choice of their future profession. Bu the way, Mikhail’s team won.