About 1,200 caravanners from 16 countries gather in Minsk


About 1,200 caravanners from 16 countries gather in Minsk

Belarusian business will pay attention to the development of caravanning infrastructure. This kind of tourism in mobile homes is popular in the US and Europe, and is now experiencing a real boom. In Germany, caravanners’ sites outnumbered hotels in terms of occupancy rate. Belarus already has 40 parking places for campers. Comfortable rest on wheels requires minimal investments, and Belarus' transit potential promises solid dividends. The international meeting of caravanners held in Minsk confirms this. It gathered about 1,200 campers from 16 countries.

Vladimir Rudoi, ​​chairman of campsites in Belarus:
Now camping in Europe is a trend. Business development associated with trailering is about 10-12% per year. This is an incredible pace for the country, for Europe. People understand that the security and the nature is great.

Sergey Mogilko, caravanner (Ukraine):
We really like it that caravanner movement is on the rise and the number of vans is a number of times greater this time. I also liked the work of the customs service. I am very pleased with Belarusian roads. They are great!

Maxim Ovchinnikov, caravanner (Russia):
There are many service stations, where short parking places for vehicles of this kind gradually appear. These are places where you can get cold water and connection to electricity. Yesterday we went swimming in the water park, and we did not need to move anywhere, think about where we would spend the night, look for some hotels. We came quietly and stayed for the night in our house. In the morning, we had breakfast and we will continue to travel for new impressions of your beautiful country.

Many of the participants have traveled half of the world. They don't hurry to leave Belarus. Especially because the caravanners were given free 20-day visas. Someone camped near Minsk's water park, someone went to travel and explore the sights in different parts of Belarus.