Festival of street theaters opens in Minsk May 7


Festival of street theaters opens in Minsk May 7

The festival of street theaters opened in Minsk May 7. It brings together 200 artists from Belarus, Germany, Italy, Russia and Poland. The CTV Channel offered a live broadcast of the procession on large screens in the center of the capital.

The only large-scale forum of street theaters in Belarus gathered artists from eight countries in the center of the Belarusian capital for the fifth time. Clowns, buffoons and giants on stilts surprised Minsk citizens on May 7.

Andrea Fedi, artist (Italy):
I really like it, this is my first time in Belarus and I did not expect to see so many people. I am looking forward to my performance. These will be mainly magic tricks.

Germans, Poles, and Italians came to Minsk with their programs. In general, the circus theme is a trend this season.

These days, plošča Svabody (Freedom Square) near the Town Hall literally turned into one big theatrical stage. During the theater festival in Minsk, viewers will see more than 30 performances.

They will be held non-stop on three main venues: at the Town Hall, behind the concert hall "Upper Town" and near the Museum of Carriages. In addition, the actors are preparing a series of interactive performances for both adults and children.

During its history the forum became a favorite venue for many Minsk residents. It's an opportunity to see professional circus and drama theaters under the open sky.

Mikhail Farkhutdinov and Lana Orlova, artists (Minsk):
We have participated three times already. Why do we do this? Because it's a thrill, it's very cool. We really like it. There is a special atmosphere here; we are just delighted with both what we get ourselves and what we give. This is just what artists live for. And it's also a forum. We change experience and learn from each other. Of course, we make friends and have fun. This is true. In general here is the spirit of unity and it is extraordinary. It does not matter what language you speak. There is an unusual atmosphere here.