Emmanuel Macron elected new French president


Emmanuel Macron elected new French president

In many ways, the choice of France has become predictable. Emmanuelle Macron was elected president there. The young and non-partisan president will rule France during the next five years.

Emmanuel Macron, President-elect of France:
I will serve you with humility and strength. I will serve you remaining faithful to the principles of the republic: "Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood". I will serve you and I will be worthy of the trust that you have shown to me. Long live the Republic, long live France!

Two-thirds of the French voted for the leader of the movement "Forward!" Emmanuel Macron. His rival, head of the National Front Marin Le Pen, received 34% of the vote. However, she does not intend to surrender and claims that her party will fight for seats in parliament.

Officially, the results of the presidential elections will be confirmed on May 11. The inauguration will be held already in mid-May.

The President of Belarus congratulated Emmanuel Macron.

Alexander Lukashenko took the opportunity to express his interest in expanding Belarusian-French ties in the political, trade-economic, humanitarian and other fields, and developing constructive interaction between our states in international organizations.