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"Beautiful, friendly and tasty!" What Chinese journalists think about Belarus

Another group of foreign guests was in the spotlight these days - Chinese journalists from the central and regional media of that huge and influential country. In scale, China and Belarus are like an elephant and a dog from the famous fable - no offense to us. Although we can say it in another way: the dragon and the stork. Not only size matters. The important geographical position of Belarus, which is on the new Great Silk Road, the principled political position, the authority of Lukashenko in the presidential community... Believe me, every head of state knows how unbearable the presidential fate is, how difficult it is to preserve the interests of the country and to remain invulnerable in political battles... Therefore, China is interested in Belarus and many journalists (despite the fact that it's hard to surprise these people with anything) did not hide their surprise. Our correspondent Yana Shipko has the report.

What surprised the guests and why they think Belarus is hospitable? What will remain beyond the press tour? And what will Chinese viewers see? The most vivid emotions, specifically for "Picture of the World".

Ye Chun is a TV journalist from the city of Shenzhen. He formed his opinion about Belarus in only three words.

E Chun, TV journalist:
Beautiful, friendly, and delicious!

The name Chun from Chinese translates as spring. This spring she happened to come to Belarus.

Ye Chun:
It's a very beautiful country.

Ye Chun:
Huge vehicles, wheels are bigger than me, I made many photos, I will show my friends. These dump trucks are very famous, you sell them all over the world, including China, more than 400 BelAZ trucks are successfully working in China.

And soon, a new joint production of passenger cars will be launched.

Here is the main interest of Chinese journalists. "The Great Stone" is the pearl of the Silk Road.

Ye Chun:
Time is money, efficiency is life." The motto of our city can now be seen at the entrance to "Great Stone". A company from Shenzhou became one of the first residents of the industrial park.

Among the residents are world famous companies. The park's territory turns into a full-fledged city. About 5,000 people already work here.

Ye Chun:
I will tell my audience about the development of this park so that more Chinese companies can come here and invest.

Meanwhile, the population of Shenzhen is almost 12 million people. This is the potential TV audience of Chun. The metropolis is one of the most high-tech cities in the world today. This application of Belarusian developers is the leader in downloads among Chinese users.

Ye Chun:
In terms of design, pictures and content, this is a very interesting application, it will appeal to children and many mothers. Your IT sector is developing rapidly.

Chun saw cows for the first time in her life.

Ye Chun:
I like this calf, he is so cute. This farm is very interesting, the cows were born and grew up here and they look very healthy. We have heard about good Belarusian milk and ice cream, having visited here, I understand why the quality of food is so good.

Some Chinese even tasted milk despite the fact that they don't tolerate lactose.

Ye Chun:
I tried milk in the hotel in the morning and I put honey, because your honey is also famous, it was very tasty.

During a week in Belarus, the Chinese guests had time to study the whole culinary palette of our country.

Ye Chun:
Very tasty and beautiful! I really liked this dish. Especially mushrooms. They are like home-made. At home we do not eat salads. I like meat and other dishes.

The Chinese guests also visited a confectionery.

Ye Chun:
This is a special candy - not only chocolate, but also waffles are inside. And I really liked this taste. I think my friends and family would also like it.

Chun immediately hurried to convey the sweet aftertaste to the audience.

Ye Chun:
It's like a fantastic world! To work here may be a dream! So many sweets, chocolate! Who would not want to work in a fairy tale and eat chocolate every day, as much as you want?

In Mir Castle, the sweet feeling did not leave Chun either.

Ye Chun:
Unusual feelings in this image, I am surrounded by antiques in this castle... I seem to have travelled back in time. This castle belonged to an ancient family, architecture, all the rooms are special, besides the guide told us about this family, what they ate, how they spent time with guests. I liked the story about the fact that in ancient times, a man needed a belt to show his social status.

Visiting the museum of the Great Patriotic War the journalists were especially impressed with guerrilla newspapers.

Ye Chun:
There is a lot of military equipment, which reminds of battles against German invaders. And as your President Lukashenko said, one must remember how many sacrifices Belarus had to make for peace. We have a similar story in the Chinese-Japanese War.

The journalists received souvenir passports of citizens of the Minsk region.

Ye Chun:
I really fell in love with Belarus. I would come back here with my family, because many Chinese people go to Europe. I hope this Belarusian tourist market opens to China, the Chinese really like your goods. Look at our group: a lot of people immediately rush to souvenir shops, buy a lot of things, we also bought a lot at the chocolate factory.

Yana Shipko, correspondent:
During their trip to Belarus, Chinese journalists made thousands of photos and shot terabytes of videos. Now they are ready to share the unforgettable impressions with millions readers and viewers. However, Ye Chun, do you want to come back here again?

Ye Chun:
See you soon, Belarus!

"Beautiful, friendly, tasty!" What Chinese journalists think about Belarus