12 new ambassadors start work in Belarus


12 new ambassadors start work in Belarus

We will return to the theme of the Great Victory in WWII in our program a bit later. We are going to tell you about feats and people, old and current events, in Belarus and abroad. And once again I remind you that May 9 is not a holiday in every country. Not only because of politics and redesigned calendars (this is typical of post-Soviet countries). In the Western world, May 8 is more known when an act of surrender was signed in the suburbs of Berlin. Denmark and the Netherlands remember members of the resistance movement on May 5. Italy celebrates Liberation Day on April 25...

This single event has its own peculiarities in different states. This is common to all areas of politics, economy, culture... But we need to find a common language because we live in one world, after all. This very idea was the central one during the presentation of credentials to the President of Belarus by the ambassadors who arrived in Belarus to head their diplomatic missions. Evgeny Gorin has the story.

Igor Kizim, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Republic of Belarus:
It is a symbol of victory in Europe. Since I came here from Europe we follow the tradition.

Poppy is a kind of flower of victory is a western tradition. But for the new ambassador of Ukraine Belarus is not just a point in the diplomatic career. Igor Kizim is very familiar with this country.

Igor Kizim:
I served in the army here in 1980. In Belarus. In Pechi. Nearby. Therefore, my first wish is to visit that place and drive a tank of Belarusian manufacture. I think I will do that. In Belarus, I spent the best years of my youth.

The recent meeting of Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Petro Poroshenko gave a powerful impetus to the Belarusian-Ukrainian relations. Ahead are the negotiations of the leaders, in Kiev. Increase in turnover will be among the main topics.

Igor Kizim:
It is about strengthening and intensifying industrial cooperation. This opens up great opportunities in the fields of machine building, energy saving, agricultural machinery. There are opportunities that are not yet realized.

In the Palace of Independence, Igor Kizim presented his credentials to the Belarusian leader. Among the 12 ambassadors was also Alon Shoham.

Israel hadn't had its ambassador in Belarus for two years because of reasons that do not depend on relations between countries. This was more because of optimization of resources of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Appointment of an ambassador to Belarus is a sign that this issue has been resolved.

Alon Shoham, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Israel to the Republic of Belarus:
It is very convenient to take a software engineer who is engaged in IT in Israel, he is Russian-speaking, bring him here. He will continue to engage in the same business with his local team, in his native language. This is very beneficial for both countries. We believe that this should be our next field of activities.
Recently, I have got familiar with ice hockey. Israelis do not see ice hockey even on TV. We simply do not have it. Unfortunately, there is no ice. The sport is interesting. In general, sport is very common here. I see that people are involved in sports here, sport is a large part of their life.

The new Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Belarus, Latif Gandilov, presented his credentials in Belarusian.

Latif Gandilov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Belarus:
(speaking Belarusian) We are brotherly peoples, and we shall remain such forever!

In the new building of the embassy, there are a lot of photos that testify to the great friendship of our leaders. But trade turnover figures speak better about that.

Since the first time Alexander Lukashenko and Ilham Aliyev began to promote the creation of joint Belarusian-Azerbaijani enterprises, trade has grown by seven times.

Latif Gandilov:
Cooperation relations between Azerbaijan and Belarus are developing very seriously. Now a branch of MTZ has opened in Azerbaijan, a branch of the BelAZ factory is operating. Various utility vehicles are produced on BelAZ chassis. Soon, we will export it together to third countries.

12 ambassadors and 12 credentials. From Norway to New Zealand.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
In the annual State of the Nation Address, I clearly outlined the ways of development of the country and the improvement of citizens' well-being. Our foreign policy is primarily aimed at achieving this very goal. Currently, Belarus is chairing the Central European Initiative. Thanks to this, we have new opportunities for broader involvement of Belarus in European integration processes. It is no accident that the promotion of compatibility in Greater Europe was chosen as the title topic of the Belarusian presidency.

In the hall, there are almost all regions of the world. Belarus' foreign policy position is universal. Belarus equally constructively builds relations with the West, Asia, Africa and the Pacific region.

Yevgeny Gorin, correspondent:
Belarus' openness to the world has been especially noticeable in recent times. Since the beginning of 2017, people from 80 countries can enter Belarus visa-free.